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General rules and conditions of ads service Mix.com.cy

1. A user is a private or legal person who places ads on Mix.com.cy

2. The service Mix.com.cy gives honest users the right to place ads for the periods indicated in the application form.

3. User agrees with the rules and conditions of the use of service.

4. User agrees that his/her personal data given in ad will be preserved in the data base of the service Mix.com.cy in accordance with the law.

4.1 User agrees to receive promotional information Mix.com.cy to the specified in the ad e-mail address and/or mobile phone but not more than 1 time per month and not more than 5 times per advertisement placed.

5. In the case the service is unavailable, duration of ad is extended for a period of the inaccessibility of the on-line service. This does not apply to the cases, when service is not accessible in the part of network, managed by providers, which do not have any agreements and/or other obligations with the service Mix.com.cy

6. Change or correction of text ad, special fields, contacts details and duration of demonstration after the publication of ad is impossible.

Free of charge ads:

7.1 Free ads are accepted only from individuals not engaged in commercial activities.

7.2 It is allowed to place only three free ads in one main section and not more than once in 14 days.

7.3 It is allowed to place only three pictures in a free ad.

Paid ads:

8.1 Paid ads are allocated in the general list in bold.

8.2 A link is allowed in a special field of a paid ad.

8.3 It is allowed to place more than three pictures in a paid ad.

8.4 A number of paid ads is unlimited with exception of the cases of abuse and overflow of any section by the ads of one user.

8.5 All prices for paid services Mix.com.cy are indicated with VAT.

Rules of ads content:

9. The ad is not accepted and/or is deleted in case it:

9.1 contains illegal, contrary to morality, abusive or deceptive text or graphic information.

9.2 is not fully or partially corresponding to the section of the service of ads.

9.3 does not contain the precise detailed description of the proposed service, goods, activity or offered work.

9.4 contains more than one item of proposed service or goods or of general nature.
Examples: «Computers on the best prices», «Tires Continental of any sizes»

9.5 contains nonexistent in the presence (in the territory of Cyprus) proposal of goods or service.
Examples: «BMW 528i 2003 mileage 73 th., car is located in England».

9.6 contains in its text (with exception of special fields) or attached photos or graphics telephone number, e-mail address, links or other contact data.

9.7 required fields are either not filled or filled incorrectly or contain incorrect or misleading information.

9.8 contains price or characteristics in its text which differ from those declared in the special fields.

9.9 contains photos or drawings that do not correspond to the specific proposal in its text; contains photos of too low qualities.

9.10 contains photos or drawings having too bright background, unnatural colours; multiplied or by another method allocated in the general list of ads photos (first photo in the ad).

9.11 contains either text or individual words or part of the words in the upper case <Caps Lock> in the first line of ad.
Examples: «NEW motorcycle of Kawasaki 530 for sale», «Apartment at a Good Price for rent».

9.12 contains service marks, extra spaces and/or dots, a set of identical and/or meaningless letters in the first line of ad as well as any text not related to the content of the ad.
Example: «For Sale // motorcycle // Honda».

9.13 contains in the first line of ad such words as «sale», «special offer», «super prices», «super offer», «attention» and other marketing tricks, designed to attract user's attention to an advert in the general list.

9.14 in any manner violates copyrights or the right to the trademarks.

9.15 is in languages other than Greek, English or Russian; or contains the text in Russian typed translit.

9.16 contains a lot of mistakes in its text.

9.17 offers goods or service by requiring either full or partial advanced payment.

9.18 is targeted to collect information about users.

9.19 receives multiple complains.

9.20 contains offer which miss very important details.
- it is not stated about emergency state of a car in its ad for sale.
- in announcing the sale of a property it is not stated that it is located in the exclusion zone.

9.21 contains offer of goods or services subject to licensing, if the ad does not quote accurate contact information of the company and license number corresponding to the proposal.

9.22 contains offer to work in video chats, erotic photos and video, to provide sex services in any form; to propagate of medicines, goods or services on the network basis.

9.23 contains offer to earn on Internet by registering, clicks, views or other doubtful activities.

9.24 contains offer of cigarettes, alcohol (except Collector’s), precursors, controlled drugs, dangerous or harmful products and substances, as well as goods, non-certified by EU regulations.

9.25 contains offer of counterfeit goods or goods of smuggling origin.

9.26 is placed by Internet shops with a link not to a specific product listed in the ad.

9.27 is placed by other ad service or contains in its text or on attached drawing reference, advertising and/or logos of other ad services.

9.28 contains proposal of the services of occult nature - astrology, divination, etc..

9.29 is on collecting contributions, donations, payments and other investments in any formО сборе вкладов, пожертвований, взносов и иных вложений в любом виде.

9.30 is on employment outside Cyprus.

9.31 contains links to resources which incorrectly serve the visitors, pop-ups, which include sound or perform some other action in relation to users or information systems or offer of goods or services that are prohibited to be placed in Mix.com.cy

9.32 contains the text with emotional colouring, exclamations, exhortations, slogans, declarations and stage questions. The use of exclamation and question marks is prohibited. Your ad text must be informative only.

Organizations of the order:

10.1 Service administrators delete all messages listed in item 9.
Money paid for the deleted messages are not returned. In the case of gross or repeated violations the contact details of the user are entered in the special list of restrictions on the placement of ads.

10.2 At the demand of Police of the Republic of Cyprus and the judiciary, identification data and protocol of user actions are forwarded to claimants in a written form.

Responsibility and the limitation of the responsibility:

11.1 The user (the advertiser) is fully materially liable for the content of placed ad in front of Mix.com.cy service, as well as to third parties for violations of the rules of ad service, legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, copyright and economic rights, rights in trade marks and signs. And in case of causing a loss, anxiety and/or inconvenience to the outsiders.

11.2 Company, Administrator, as well as the owner of ads service Mix.com.cy are not responsible for the content of ads, as well as for any damages or inconvenience associated with the work or the unavailability of ad service with the exception that listed in Clause 5.

Changes in the conditions and rules:

12. Terms and conditions of ad service Mix.com.cy may be altered, amended or corrected by site administration and shall enter into force upon their publication on the site.